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“One Blood” by Hady Sy: Unity in Diversity in partnership with Bank Audi  -  April 2, 2013
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The “One Blood” exhibition by Hady Sy, taking place in partnership with Bank Audi at UNESCO Palace from March 22 till 29, 2013, is a vibrant praise of life and tribute to blood, the universal principle of life which unites all men despite their differences.

The meaning behind “One Blood” lies in one of Hady Sy’s more pertinent than ever humanist messages: we are all alike on the inside, the same powerful human bond runs in our veins, regardless of our lifestyle, language, shape, race, religion, colour and heritage; and no matter how different we all are, our blood is one and it saves lives.

The “One Blood” project kicked off on June 14, 2011, on World Blood Donor Day.

In figures, “One Blood” is: 546 portraits, people 18 to 93 years old, 393 blood bags, 153 blood drops, 8 blood groups, 153 businesses, 161 origins/nationalities, 140 beliefs, 79 countries/localities, 276 places of birth/homes, 467 first names, 182,000 miles and 102 flights.

The “One Blood” installation was first exposed as a preview at the Festival of photo journalism “Visa pour l’Image” in Perpignan in September 2012, before its official launch in Beirut and its projected world tour which will start with Paris on June 14, 2013, on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day.

The choice of Beirut and the UNESCO Palace in particular for the launch of the “One Blood” journey was made to honour a capital that had gone through the pain and suffering of a 15-year civil war, and came back to life thanks to the will and tremendous capacity of its people. Hence the sorting of this event as a humane commitment and a clear message to spread peace in the world: the donated blood gives a new meaning to hope, especially coming from a country rich in civilizations, religions and confessions, and constituting a historic link between the East and West.

This perspective is knowingly shared by Bank Audi which sees in Lebanon a relevant raison d’être and an appropriate starting point to the project. Such a universal concept is indeed likely to “grow beyond its potential”, reach far off horizons, go round the world and bear witness to a beautiful adventure shared by people all over the globe.

Bank Audi’s support of Hady Sy’s enterprise comes in line with its deep conviction that Corporate Social Responsibility and “mecenat” constitute a human adventure based on the promotion of fundamental values, and that every prosperous institution has the duty to share these values with society. In contrast with merely selling its products, CSR is an integral part of the Bank’s identity and an intrinsic way of enhancing its image, a commitment which blossoms every day thanks to Bank Audi’s pledge to plant welfare in its path.

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