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Nomination of Mr. Nadim Kassar as Co-Chairman of Mastercard Middle East and Africa Advisory Board of Directors
10 حزيران، 2019
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Mr. Nadim Kassar, General Manager of Fransabank, has accepted the position of Co-Chairman of the Mastercard Middle East and Africa Advisory Board of Directors, which was announced during the annual board meeting held in London last month.


The Mastercard Middle East and Africa Advisory Board was established in 2001 to provide Mastercard with important industry insights and perspectives to help support Mastercard’s strategy in the region. The Board currently includes senior representatives from 19 banks across the Middle East and Africa region 


The Fransabank Group and Mastercard have a long history of partnership and Fransabank joined the Mastercard Middle East and Africa Advisory Board of Directors as one of the initial members when it was first established and since then has been represented by Mr. Nadim Kassar during the annual meetings


On this occasion, Mr. Nadim Kassar stated: “For more than 25 years we have been working with Mastercard, pioneers in the electronic payment industry, to continuously expand and innovate in the field of payment technology as a way to serve our different clients’ needs and demands in the most distinctive manner and through the best conditions. At Fransabank, we are proud of this long standing and strategic relationship and to be recognized for our expertise, know-how, and leadership. The banking and financial services industry globally, and in the Middle East and Africa in particular, is undergoing a seismic shift. Through this board, I hope we will be able to measure the true potential and impact of the market forces shaping the industry of tomorrow, and bring this to life in our engagements, organizations and markets

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