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Banking Terms and Conditions Committee
This Committee examines the conditions according to which banks deal with each other and with the clients and organizes the competition within the sector. It also assesses the impact of the instructions, measures, circulars and regulations adopted by the monetary authorities on the banks’ activity and performance, in order to take the initiative to amend them, adapt to them or implement them progressively and flexibly.
Chairman: Salim Habib
Rapporteur: Michel Khadige
Members: Philippe El Hajj
Jean Medlege
Mounir Toukan
Noha Abou Saad
Fadi Flaihan
Camille Mojaes
Joseph Nasr
Assaad Meouchy
Youssef Fakih
Henri Tabet
Michel Najjare
Ghaithan  Tayara
Karam Yared
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