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Committee for Organization, Standardization and Information Technology
The Lebanese banks are called upon to adopt many important choices for information systems, document processing systems, transmission and communication techniques and payment means and systems. All these systems – as it is the case of the SWIFT network and the electronic clearing, etc. - , have deep repercussions on the organization of work “within” the banks and “between” the banks and with the Central Bank and the correspondent banks abroad. In case of lack of efforts coordination in all these fields, the sector may incur significant losses and costs which are difficult to control.
Therefore, the mandate of this Committee is considered of great importance for the future of the banking activity in Lebanon. The persons in charge of organization and IT take part in this work in the banking sector.
Chairman: Raffoul Raffoul
Rapporteur: Nabih Saddy
Members: Ghassan Sawaya
Antoine Lawandos
Sleiman Maarawi
Fouad Baalbaki
Najib Ghanem
Marcelle Attar
Mohsen Naamani
Elie Barakat
Elias El-Achkar
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