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Legal Committee
Banking activities need the development of legislations and regulations in place, abolishing some, amending others, creating others in some cases, especially those related to modern financial services and tools and techniques of communication, diffusion and recording. The Legal Committee composed of bankers and jurists proposes new draft laws to specialized parties and institutions. It is also in charge of examining legislations proposed by other parties, to be in harmony with the banking activity, not opposed to it or hindering it.
Chairman: Georges A. Achi
Rapporteur: Antoine Merheb
Members: Randa Abou Sleiman
Selim El Meouchy
Ossama Osta
Marc  de Chadarevian
Aref Mneimneh
Abbas Halabi
Adel Zeidan
Tanios El-Achkar
Ghaleb Mahmasani
Nasri Diab
Mohamed Khodr Slim
Nada Rizkallah
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