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Committee for Compliance and Fighting Money Laundering
This Committee follows the implementation of the anti-money laundering law in the banking sector, particularly through: proposing specialized training sessions, working on producing an IT anti-money laundering model program for the banks to adopt it, drafting a guiding manual regarding the implementation of anti-money laundering procedures in the banks, recommending the elaboration of studies on the governance of Lebanese banking institutions, and encouraging the adoption of international standards for this governance.
Chairman: Chahdan Jebeyli
Rapporteur: Dani  Nassar
Members: Fouad Khalifeh
Mohamad Said El Hoss
Said Gebrane
Malek Costa
Karen Zabloski
Samar Baassiri
Marwan Abou Assi
Marwan Moharram
Joe Boustany
Hayat Nader
Mazen Timani
Yasmina Berro
Camille Barkho
Aline Tufenkjian
Salim Karroum
Randa Younes
Nathalie Dagher
Carla Nassif
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