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Banking Risk Committee
The Banking Risk Committee was constituted, at the beginning, to go in pair with the implementation of BASEL II Convention in Lebanon. This mission will definitely remain in place until we abide, as a sector, by the requirements of this convention. In addition to BASEL II, let alone within BASEL II, banks grant risks management, in general, an increasing attention, on the administrative and organizational levels, and allocate the required financial and human resources, with an extension of their activities towards fields and services encompassing new types of risks to which we should pay attention and which we should control, measure and deal with, although credit risks remain relatively, by their size, the most important in our banks’ assets. This is in view of the files and issues the Committee will have to delve into and of the recommendations to be submitted to the Board of Directors to follow the directions and decisions of the monetary and controlling authorities in this accurate phase after the global financial crisis.
Chairman: Rami El Nimer
Rapporteur: Samir Mouawad
Members: Mona ElKhoury
Josephine Chahine
Gerard  Rizk
Bachir Yakzan
Pascale Maksoud Dahrouj
Henri Bouiller
Tania Tayah
Nada  Awad Rizkallah
Adel Satel
Antoun Samia
Ghada Chami
Maria Hraoui
Khaled Abdul Samad
Elias El-Achkar
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