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Theme: Auditing
Type: Seminar
Status: Announced
Main Content: • The International Standards for the Internal Audit Report
• The objectives of the Internal Audit Reports
• Main problems when drawing up the Internal Audit Reports
• The 7 essential characteristics of the IA reports
• Factors of audit findings
• Minimum contents of IA reports
• Basic rules of reporting
• Addressing the auditor’s recommendations
• Techniques of designing IA reports
• The process of communicating the draft report to necessary parties and obtaining feedback, audit report approval process and the distribution of the final report
• Steps for Internal Auditor success
• Analysis of real reports of various types
• Analysis of practical examples
• Case studies.
Objectives: • Understand how to organize audit reports
• See how to write with greater clarity
• Learn how to present complex information simply for readers to comprehend
• Understand the importance of the purpose of the report before they begin writing
• Recognize the needs of their audience
• Produce final drafts to make the right impression with their superiors.
Partitcipant Profile: All staff in internal audit department.
Duration: Two-day and a half training activity.
Fees: 500$ (+11% VAT)

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