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ABL Miscellaneous Resources
 كتاب "استشارات قانونية مقدمة الى الجمعية" (الاستاذ خليل ابو حمد) 1993
Year: 1993
Languages: A 
Price: 50.00$
Diverse n°: 1 
 Set of legal consultation pertaining to the Banking sector.
 The Due Diligence Convention
 اتفاقيّة الحيطة والحذر
 La Convention de Diligence
Year: 1997
Languages: A, E & F 

Diverse n°: 2 
 Text of the Due Diligence Convention which was signed by the Association on the one hand and the operating banks in Lebanon on the other hand, and helped implement Law n° 318/2001 to combat money laundering.
 How To Approach Banks
 كيفية التعامل مع المصارف
 Comment Approcher les Banques
Year: 2000
Languages: A, E & F 
Price: 10.00$
Diverse n°: 3 
 A Guide for Lebanese Entrepreneurs
 Job Description and Competencies Handbook
 Référence des Emplois et des Compétences
Year: 2000
Languages: E & F 
Price: 25.00$
Diverse n°: 4 
 Description of jobs and competencies required in the banking profession
 Documentary Credit: Settlement, Methods and Documents
Year: 2002
Languages: E 
Price: 20.00$
Diverse n°: 5 
 Methods and documents required in a documentary credit
 Collection operations: Rules, Practice and Issues
Year: 2003
Languages: E 
Price: 20.00$
Diverse n°: 6 
 Presentation of documents and methods related to Collection Operations
 Job Description and Competencies Handbook
 Référence des Emplois et des Compétences
Year: 2008
Languages: E & F 
Price: 50.00$
Diverse n°: 7 
 Job's description and competencies required in the Lebanese banking profession. CD available for ABL Members only (250$)
 كتاب "استشارات قانونية مقدمة إلى الجمعية" 1993-2006
Year: 2007
Languages: A 
Price: 33.00$
Diverse n°: 8 
 Set of legal consultation pertaining to the Banking sector.
 The Golden Jubilee Book 1995-2009
 كتاب اليوبيل الذهبي 1959-2009
Year: 2010
Languages: A & E 
Price: 50.00$
Diverse n°: 9 
 ABL 50th Anniversary Book (summary of 50 years of activities and history)
 Corporate Governance Guidelines
 المبادىء التوجيهيّة للإدارة الرشيدة
 Directives relatives à la Gouvernance d'Entreprise
Year: 2011
Languages: A, E & F 

Diverse n°: 10 
 Booklet guideline edited in 3 languages (Arabic, french and english) for banks operating in Lebanon.
 Towards a National Strategy for Financial Education and Literacy Lebanon 2016-2019
 نحو استراتيجيّة وطنيّة للتربية والمعرفة الماليّة في لبنان 2016-2019
Year: 2016
Languages: A & E 

Diverse n°: 11 
 The present document is a Draft National Strategy aimed at improving the financial literacy and capabilities of Lebanese citizens. It was elaborated in collaboration with the Institut des Finances Basil Fuleihan.
 Facts & Figures - October 2016
Year: 2016
Languages: E 

Diverse n°: 12 
 Facts & Figures of the Lebanese Economy and the Banking Industry
 مكافحة الجريمة الإلكترونية المالية في لبنان
Year: 2017
Languages: A 

Diverse n°: 13 
 Fighting Cybercrime Guide published in Arabic with the collaboration of BDL, SIC and ABL
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