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Theme: Risk Management
Type: Seminar
Status: Announced
Date: February 19, 2019 to February 20, 2019
Main Content: 1. Introduction: The Financial Landscape & Intermediations
2. Milestones and Pain Points in the Asset Life Cycle
3. The Banking Model: Credit & Risk are as old as banking
4. The Basel Committee On Banking Supervision (BCBS) is Sizing Banking Risks for Bankers.
5. The Anatomy of Credit, and Your Role & Your Contribution as a Credit Officer
6. The Importance of Ethics in The Provision of Credit
7. IFRS9 Made Easy and Your Role as a Credit Officer
8. IFRS9 Strategic Implications: Portfolio Strategies, Commercial Policies, Deal Origination, Credit Risk Management, and People Management.
9. The Transformation Of The Credit Practice Is Necessary To Cope With Today’s Regulatory Environment.
10. Capital & Credit, and Improvement in the Provision of Credit
11. Concluding Remarks.
Objectives: - Understanding the changes and challenges that are reshaping Credit Management.
- Enhancing participants’ capacity to identify, assess, and manage Credit risks.
- Understanding the nature of the relationship between Credit Risk and Asset Quality.
- Measuring Expected Credit Losses, and overcoming IFRS9 Implementation Challenges.
- Influencing behaviors for better and productive risk culture.
- Discussing the power of “Positive Risk Management”: resilience and business continuity.
- Enabling participants to better manage the Asset Life Cycle.
Partitcipant Profile: Relationship Managers, Credit Risk Officers, Credit Risk & Review Officers, Branch Managers.
Duration: Two-day training activity.
Fees: 500$ (+11% VAT)

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